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Move It Studio, Monrovia

The MOVE IT fitness studio is a division of Aerobic Fitness Consultants, Inc. It is the only exclusive aerobic studio in the San Gabriel Valley. All instruction is done in a private classroom setting. The studio is conveniently located on W. Maple Ave in the city of Monrovia just east of the Myrtle and north of Huntington Drive.

If you’re looking for a novel fitness experience look no further. At the MOVE IT studio you'll not only receive instruction from a 28 year fitness professional but you'll learn about nutrition, healthy habits and get the latest research on what's happening with health and wellness. Here you will find not just a motivating fitness program but students who will welcome you. You'll have fun joking and laughing while you workout.

Classes feature a number of unique formats that address weight management and include interesting programs such as Circuit Conditioning (good for all levels, blend of strength and cardio) and Yoga. Plus a wide variety of workout props to keep results coming without boredom. You won't find classes repetitive at MOVE IT and there are plenty of beginner friendly selections to help you get started. Print up your own class schedule from the Class Information tab and join us today!

For more information call us directly at (626) 359-8535


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